While Fox moves toward sanity, the rest of the news biz moves toward Fox.

Exhibit A: On Sunday, while Fox is educating its viewers on global warming, CBS’s 60 Minutes will be producing a breathless piece of hype on “Eco-Terror’s Growing Threat.”

Growing according to who? Why, the FBI, of course, and far be it from a group of journalists to do anything but pass on the FBI’s latest talking points.

Eco-terrorists have never killed or even hurt anybody, so it’s a bit tricky to try to make them look like the nation’s biggest threat. Here’s one way to do it: Dig up some fruitloop who says they ought to kill people.

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A spokesman for extreme animal rights groups believes killing humans is justified. “I think people who torture innocent beings should be stopped,” says Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a California trauma surgeon. “If they won’t stop when you ask them nicely, they don’t stop when you demonstrate to them what they’re doing is wrong, then they should be stopped using whatever means are necessary.”

Eco-terrorists: The Nation’s Biggest Hypothetical Threat!

Ask yourself this: If you put white-supremacy groups up against “eco-terror” groups and compared property damage done, lives lost or hurt, and willingness of spokespeople to say batshit crazy things on TV, who do you think would come out ahead? Why do you think the FBI is focused so intensely on one and not the other?

Could it have something to do with whose interests are threatened?

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