I’m way behind in my blogginess, thanks to that other full-time job I have, so forgive me as I catch up on stuff that’s (gasp!) up to two days old.

Check out the report from Joel Makower and Clean Edge on "Clean-Energy Trends 2005" (PDF). Says Joel:

It offers ten-year projections for key clean-energy markets, examines factors that are influencing clean-energy markets and venture investments, and offers five trends we find noteworthy.

Here are the five trends:

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  • the growth of fuels from biomass in the U.S. and Europe
  • the growth of energy efficiency due to high energy prices
  • the resurgence of electricity generated by concentrated solar power stations
  • the emergence of the hydrogen infrastructure
  • how the growth of green buildings is stimulating markets for new products and technologies

Joel’s got more.

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