Wesley Clark is talking about global warming the climate crisis. I’m really curious to see how the issue plays out as candidates start jockeying, looking ahead to 2008.

Everyone on the Dem side will need to acknowledge it, of course, but I wonder which ones will really grab it and try to make it a signature issue. Most of all I want to see what Hillary Clinton, the front-runner [weeps silently], will say about it. I predict a tepid brew.

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And of course the calculus on the Republican side is more complex. There’s still enormous skepticism about it in the base, and there’s the omni-present corporate lobby to please. But public pressure is building and it’s becoming increasingly embarrassing to be an outright denier. So candidates on the R side will be probing and experimenting, looking for just the right balance of pander, misdirection, and earnest expression of concern.

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Should be fun to watch.

(via EnergyBulletin)