Saying there may be evidence of global warming, DaimlerChrysler withdrew yesterday from the Global Climate Coalition, an industry group that argues against the reality of climate change. Still, DaimlerChrysler — like Ford, which withdrew from the coalition last month — said it will continue to oppose the Kyoto climate change treaty, which would require industrialized countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. DaimlerChrysler’s decision is another major blow to the coalition, which is comprised of more than 40 corporate members, including General Motors, oil companies, and mining firms. Other high-level defectors from the industry group have included British Petroleum, Shell Oil, and Dow Chemical. Enviros applauded DaimlerChrysler’s move. Dan Becker of the Sierra Club: “It’s the middle of a stampede to the door that will sound the death knell of this very anti-environmental organization.”