London’s Independent newspaper asked climate scientists to answer a simple question: should humanity “prepare a ‘Plan B’ to curb the worst effects of global warming?” Well, ask 40 eggheads a question, and you’ll get a very diverse set of responses. Geo-engineering is the answer! No, focus on carbon sequestration. Wrong again, it’s all about adapting to the new climate reality! Check out all the responses here.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Edge Foundation released its annual question for 2009, asking smart folks of all disciplines to name what new idea or technology will “change everything.” Responses range all over, but there are a few climate-related responses, including British novelist Ian McEwan’s prediction that solar technology will really take off and Stanford climatologist Stephen H. Schneider’s guess that rapid melting of Greenland’s ice sheets will wake up the world to the need to take concerted action on curbing C02 emissions. Read the full list of responses at