Activists plan summer of mountaintop-removal protests

Environmental activists are planning a summer of focused protest against mountaintop-removal coal mining in West Virginia and surrounding coal states. “Mountain Justice Summer” will call for nonviolent protests against this highly destructive mining technique, whereby entire mountaintops are bulldozed into surrounding valleys to uncover large coal seams. Activists will likely block roads, bar access to mines and mining offices, engage in civil disobedience, and maybe even perform a bit o’ the old monkeywrenching. Events are being sponsored by an EarthFirst! chapter in Tennessee, while the event kickoff Thursday will be hosted by West Virginia-based enviro group Coal River Mountain Watch. “[W]e think it’s time to get a little more confrontational,” said EF! volunteer John Johnson, explaining that lobbying and conventional tactics have failed. MJS is seeking volunteers (hey students, this could be more educational than that summer internship you were eyeing!).