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You’ve got two more days to buy into this hip helmet Kickstarter from Closca. This helmet is more practical than most — the dome collapses to make the helmet a flatter, more packable object. But, more importantly, these bike riders are cool and attractive and you could be too!

We want a cute boyfriend who will accidentally save our helmet for us while buying a pile of used books! And, clearly, THIS HELMET WILL GET US ONE.

For $70, you get a helmet and one snazzy cover. For $25 more, you can get two covers, so as not to clash with your carefully selected biking outfits. You can also get a bike as a reward for giving the campaign $1,200, which one person has done. But there is nothing to indicate on the Kickstarter how much we need to donate for the boyfriend. Our opening bid is $1,201 — what do you say, Closca?