Schwarzenegger’s Environmental Policies Look Good — for Now

Whether you’re gleeful, woeful, incredulous, or inconsolable about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successful bid for the governorship of California, your inner environmentalist may have reason to take heart. What with championing solar energy, calling for green building design, promoting air and water quality, opposing further logging in the Sierras, and seeking to protect watersheds, the Terminator’s environmental platform sounds pretty good — unless you happen to be President Bush or the Republican Party. Those forces could be major obstacles to the implementation of Schwarzenegger’s green dreams; enviros say it all hinges on who he appoints to positions of power and how he deals with his party’s right wing. Skeptics say his enviro visions are pie-in-the-sky stuff, but some are willing to give Ahnold a chance: “If he shows leadership and does the right thing, we will be there for him,” said Sierra Club spokesperson Eric Antebi.