Conservatives say that environmentalists only oppose Clear Skies because they hate Bush. My impression is that they only support Clear Skies because they hate environmentalists.

But of course I would think that.

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If you want to hear what conservative bloggers have to say about Clear Skies — much of which draws on a recent Washington Monthly article — you can start here and then try here, here (good discussion in comments), and here. Feel free to leave additional links in comments, if you have them.

The fact is that Clear Skies is classic Bush. There’s plenty of perfectly sensible stuff in it that is long overdue. It’s also poisoned with several measures — among them the loathsome mercury cap-and-trade program — that no environmentalist or Democrat with a conscience could support. It’s designed, like all Bush’s initiatives, to gain just enough support to pass, while being as divisive as possible in the process. Rove doesn’t want big majorities. He doesn’t want bipartisan consensus. He wants open partisan warfare and narrow victories.

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