Fervent support from Grist readers brings a tear to our eye

Really, you’re too much. Our two-week fundraiser is over, and more than 1,000 of you responded to our desperate, naked pleas for support, sending a remarkable $54,478.74 our way. You shot the mercury right out of our hackneyed fundraising thermometer, forcing us to stare helplessly as rivulets of quicksilver slid toward Puget Sound. Don’t worry, we called in the hazmat team, and they’ve got almost all the baby orcas detoxed now. In all seriousness (and for us, that’s saying a lot): many, many, many thanks to the many of you who support us in all that we do. We couldn’t survive without you. (And the 10 lucky winners of our Global Warming Survival Kits will be announced later this month, so stay tuned!)