Less than 6 percent of 2002 model cars and trucks now hitting showrooms get better than 30 miles per gallon, according to a report released yesterday by the U.S. EPA. On average, the fuel economy for the cars (23.9 mpg) is a bit worse than the 2001 model year. The gas-electric hybrid Honda Insight, a two-seat coupe, takes top honors in fuel economy, at 64 mpg; the hybrid Toyota Prius, a five-seat sedan, comes in second, at 48 mpg. SUVs like the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator account for 13 of the 35 vehicles with the worst gas mileage, all 14 mpg or lower. The EPA said an average fuel increase of three mpg would save $25 billion in fuel costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 140 million tons a year.