In an interview done to promote his (widely panned) new feel-good flick Christmas with the Kranks, Dan Aykroyd let loose his opinions on overwrought consumerism:

“[T]he common enemy in North America is the Western consumer. The consumer has driven oil up to $50 a barrel so we have to have these wars,” he said. Still, he called for supporting the troops fighting those wars: “we’ve got to support those young men and women who are out there protecting our big fat bloated lifestyle. … But let’s take that $110 billion we’re putting into conflict and put it into hydrogen cell research.”

The interviewer pointed out the obvious: “But as a Hollywood success story, you’re part of that whole fat bloated lifestyle.” To which Aykroyd replied, “Yes, I know. I drive a V10 Ford Excursion and I have to tell folks all the time: look, I’ve got five kids and a dog and birds. I would have to have two Lincolns with two V8s, you see, so it would be 16 cylinders.”

Lest ye judge, though, he properly disposes of his bottles and cans! “But I recycle at home. I started that with my dad in the neighborhood, we started a recycling thing that turned into quite a big thing with all the people in our neighborhood up in Canada doing bottles and cans and glasses.”

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Hollywood stars: throwing stones from glass houses since the sign was erected in 1923.