As I mentioned a while back, last month I appeared on The Climate Code, a weekly half-hour show on the Weather Channel. It covers issues related to climate change and is hosted by Heidi Cullen, whom we interviewed here. The episode in question counted down the top ten climate stories of the year, with guests ranging from Al Gore to Andy Revkin to … me.

Somewhat against my better judgment, I’ve put the entire episode beneath the fold for your viewing, uh, pleasure. Here’s what I learned:

  • Despite what it may seem, the camera does not in fact add five pounds. My head really is that big.
  • Long, complex, compound sentences do not find favor with half-hour TV show producers.
  • Putting the word "comedian" next to someone’s name does not make them funny. Indeed, it seems to have the opposite effect.
  • Hearing the words "smile more" in one’s ear does not cause one to smile more.
  • Better to not smile than to smile randomly and inappropriately.

Here it is: