With green weddings a growing trend, Church of England offers eco-tips

Dear Mr. Potsworth,

I’m writing this email to formally ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage. As you consider my request, there’s something you should know: We’re planning a green wedding. Rita and I feel, like many other couples today, that our Big Day should reflect our big principles. Don’t worry, it’s possible to have an eco-event that’s stylish — even The New York Times says so! We’ll use organic flowers and potato-starch flatware, and encourage our guests to offset their emissions. Rita read a little book the Church of England just put out, Making the Most of Weddings, so she’s going to hail a cab to the ceremony in her secondhand dress. I think you’ll find, if you close your eyes and down a whiskey or two (which we hope you’ll supply, if it’s not too much trouble), that it’s reminiscent of your own nuptials. Our goal is pretty simple, really: to have our wedding “save the natural world and be a blessing not only to [us] but to God’s world.” Can I count on you?


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