Office Depot Announces Plan to Go Green

Office-supply giant Office Depot is teaming up with respected conservation groups in an effort to green its business practices. A new five-year, $2.2 million environmental strategy should demonstrate that the company is “about commitment, not compliance or convenience,” said Office Depot President Bruce Nelson. The corporation is collaborating with three nonprofits — Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and NatureServe — to create the Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, which aims to convince logging companies to adopt more responsible conservation practices. Office Depot also unveiled a new policy for buying paper from suppliers, which is intended to protect biodiversity. “We are perfectly clear on the values we want to promote and advance, the types of forests we want our suppliers to avoid, and the forest practices we will and will not accept,” said Nelson. The company’s shift has mollified two of its harshest critics, the enviro groups Dogwood Alliance and ForestEthics.