If only life was like Monopoly. A straightforward path to follow … unexpected money windfalls … all those little green houses …

Well, I can’t bring you a definitive life path, or bestow a pot of money on you for landing on Go, but I can report on a potential step toward a greener housing market. A new agreement between the American Institute of Architects and indie publishing company BuildingGreen, Inc. allows the AIA’s 77,000 members to quickly and easily access sustainable design information through BuildingGreen Suite.

This online resource features comprehensive, practical information on a wide range of topics related to sustainable building — from energy efficiency and recycled-content materials to land-use planning and indoor air quality.

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It’s subscription only, and is accessible to the layperson for only $199 a year. Sigh. However, if you’re an architect in the American Institute you get a 30 percent discount.

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In addition:

The AIA and BuildingGreen will work together on several new fronts, bringing important articles and research directly to AIA members, implementing distance learning initiatives, and providing continuing education credits for architects acquiring knowledge through BuildingGreen publications.

Perhaps in the future “green building” will be taken for granted. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with small steps in that direction. You know, maybe someday there will be “Get Out of Jail Free” cards too.

(Maybe I should make all my Dig This columns on ships of some sort. Partnerships, Earthships … we’ll see how long I can keep it going. I’m not too optimistic.)

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