Feeding the dolphins at Sea World is a totally fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience … until the dolphins decide they care more about eating the fish than the integrity of your arm:

This 8-year-old ended up with three puncture wounds, just because she raised a carton that once had fish in it about six inches off the ledge. But she was warned, as CBS reports:

The Thomas’ also said they were told repeatedly not to pick up the trays but the 8-year-old just made a mistake.

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“She just says she forgot and as you can see in the video moved the plate just to say she was done,” said Amy Thomas.

She apparently didn’t realize just how much the dolphin she was feeding really, really wanted that carton, just like sometimes kids really want to lick the ketchup off their fingers when they’re done eating delicious fries. Or that the dolphin might mistake the raised white carton as a sign that the revolution was starting and it was time to take over from the humans once and for all.

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