OK, I was watching bad TV last night, and this ad came on for Glad ForceFlex trash bags. Apparently these are very exciting trash bags because they stretch, which makes them better for bulky items. Such as, according to this chipper ad: cardboard boxes and two-liter soda bottles.

Glad! Have you heard of a little thing called recycling? I know your success depends on people not recycling. But do you have to be such wankers about it? (In fairness, I should note that the company donated its stretchy bags for the Great American Cleanup. Which is noble and all. But sort of cancelled out by the “just chuck it!” campaign.)

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Even though my letter to eBay didn’t get a response, I’m going to continue my crusade and pen a note to the good folks at Glad about this one. (And not just because of Umbra’s encouragement.) We’ll see what happens.

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