I must admit to having mixed feelings about Earth Day. The original was a fantastic, historic event that focused and lent momentum to a growing wave of concern. It erased our reasons not to act.

I fear it has become the opposite these days, a nicely segregated and boxed nod to "Earth stuff" that fades from memory as soon as it’s over. It’s a time for Joe Citizen to check in — "yep, everything’s still going to hell, maybe I’ll plant a tree" — and then check back out. It separates the "Earth" from our cultural, social, and political lives, casts it as a distinct thing that we must tend like a potted plant.

But whatever, it’s here, so let’s celebrate it. Yay for Earth Day. Here’s a roundup of some stuff you might enjoy:

Kelpie Wilson says the green dream is alive, and gives you 10 things to do. Yahoo … sorry, Yahoo! also has ten things. Treehugger tells you how to cook an Earth-friendly dinner. Moving Ideas has a whole passel of ways to take action. About.com, trying to be unique, has a 12-item list of things you can do. You can make a difference from the comfort of your couch by joining the Earth Day Virtual March. And of course the Earth Day Network is chockablock with helpful info.

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The Boston Globe is glum, but Joan Lowy is hopeful. Brian C. Howard reflects, the Detroit Free Press reflects, and Miguel Llanos reflects. Lotta reflecting.

And finally, in an appropriately ironic turn, President Bush’s planned Earth Day visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was cancelled due to bad weather.

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