I hear from my inside sources — and by that I mean a press release I was sent — that a company called Champion Motors of America is going to start manufacturing and selling a line of electric vehicles:

The company envisions its vehicles as workplace alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. The line, which ranges from a 2-person personal car to a 14-passenger shuttle, will be offered to the public as well as to anyone interested in becoming a distributor/dealer. The small vehicles can be used for a number of duties calling for a light vehicle such as quick trips to and around industrial parks, college campuses, private communities, hotels and resorts, malls, amusement parks and security operations. According to company literature, they are environmentally-friendly because they are emissions-free and run on rechargeable batteries, are basically maintenance-free and provide relief in cutting the cost of expensive repairs and maintenance. Their lightweight design and compact size allows them to easily go just about anywhere. The company plans on providing technical support and assistance to its customers.

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These are mainly for businesses, not consumers, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

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