The creative minds over at Global Inheritance are at it again with an exciting (and somewhat mysterious) project they’re calling the Energy FACTory. The project will be part of a … ahem … certain live event reaching some 200,000+ people over a 10-day period in SoCal in late April/early May. (My sources reveal that the event may be music-related …)

The group hopes to put together a compelling installation to showcase the possibilities of alternative fuels and energy sources. Wind, solar, biodiesel, ethanol, and thermal energy will all be part of the installation.

But Global Inheritance can’t power this project without your help!

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The group is seeking a handful of designers, architects, engineers, and artists who can conceptualize and execute installations that incorporate and exploit alternative energy at the event. Your work will be seen by hundreds of thousand of visitors from across the globe; plus, those invited to participate will receive project budgets, accommodations, and event entry. But who cares about that — you’ll really be doing it out of the goodness of your heart, right?

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Not the creative type? They’re also seeking energy scientists, environmentalists, teachers, and all-around experts to serve as advisers for the event. Must be passionate and conversationable.

Not creative or expertish, but really, really excited about this idea? Be a volunteer! A paid volunteer (which is totally the best kind).

To apply for any of the positions — or to get more information — email one of the following addies:

Designers, engineers, architects: energyFACTory @

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Scientists, environmentalists, teachers: prof @

Volunteers: help @