Oh good, I get to reuse this painstakingly done Photoshop!

Breakfast is saved! First it turns out that the Baconpocalypse may not be as baconpocalyptic as advertised, and now the 10 million pounds of maple syrup that were stolen in Quebec have been recovered by Quebec’s cops and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Let’s all raise a mimosa to the Mounties — they always get their breakfast condiment!

The resolution of the syrup heist, though, kind of raises more questions than it answers. Reportedly, a significant amount of the stolen syrup — valued somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000, depending on what you’re reading — was recovered from a syrup processing and exporting plant in New Brunswick. We know now that the syrup was siphoned out of its storage drums and moved by some kind of tanker truck, but why? Who pulled off this syrup theft? And how did police recognize the Quebecois syrup, amidst all the New Brunswick syrup in the processing facility? Why have no arrests been made? DOES THIS SYRUP CRIME RING GO DEEPER THAN WE EVER REALIZED?

On the plus side, the stolen syrup has been returned to Quebec, where it is locked up under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras — a significant improvement over pre-theft security procedures, which involved “checking in on it occasionally.” If this ordeal makes Quebecois syrup producers less complacent about protecting their wares, we suppose it will all be worth it. Breakfast is depending on them, after all.

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