Check out this hilarious article on the right-wing news site CNS News. It seems the wingnut faction is upset that Fox News is running a documentary on global warming — and it’s not even pretending the science is controversial! They’re only presenting the "liberal" — that is, scientific — side! Worse yet, there are some actual environmentalists involved.

A Fox News Channel documentary on “global warming,” set to air Sunday night, provides only the liberal take on the controversial issue and was approved after environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reportedly “dragged” Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes to a lecture by former Vice President Al Gore, “kicking and screaming.”

Love the scare quotes around "global warming."

It seems that Laurie David got to Roger Ailes, Fox News president (as revealed in our own Amanda Griscom Little’s article in Outside). Amazingly, he seems to have seen the light on warming.

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Even his own producer is a bit confused:

Clay Rawson, the Fox News Channel producer of the hour-long special titled “The Heat Is On: The Case of Global Warming,” told Cybercast News Service Wednesday that the project “was a little bit different for us.

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“Often on Fox News Channel, we present both sides, according to our ‘fair and balanced’ motto, but this is the global warming story,” Rawson said. “We do make it clear that this is one side of the issue through inclusion of a disclaimer,” he added. The documentary is said to ignore scientific skeptics who believe that human activity is not responsible for catastrophic climate change.

Fox is abandoning it’s legendary integrity and balance! I feel faint.

So, yes, we know about the thousands of scientists who say global warming is real and caused by humans — for instance, every practicing climatologist — but what about these skeptics? Are their feelings hurt by being left out?

But Chris Horner, senior fellow with the free market environmental group, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), is among those arguing about the theory of “global warming.”

“While it is unfathomable that a reputable news network would air so blatantly a one-sided program regardless of any disclaimer, that the ‘fair and balanced’ network would put itself in the position of suspending its motto is stupefying,” Horner said.

I must say, I too find it slightly stupefying that Fox is doing this.

CEI plans to deliver a letter to Ailes on Thursday morning, complaining about the documentary.

“I hate to draw attention to a Sunday night ‘filler’ program, but it is important to expose this disgraceful excuse for journalism, particularly by the so-called ‘fair and balanced’ crowd,” Horner said. “Maybe a special on the 10,000 dead in New Orleans could follow.”

Man. Even Fox is on board. The professional-skeptic crowd must be sweating. Exxon’s going to cut them off soon if they don’t start winning some battles!