Perhaps you are going on one last vacation before the end of summer (if so, you are not from San Francisco, where summer never even started) and are thinking of a beach book.  May I make a suggestion?  If you havent read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or its siblings, don’t.  I realize that this advice is relevant to perhaps an audience of 2, as it seems the entire world is enthralled, but let me make my case.

One, the preoccupation with rape and sex torture is, well, really disturbing.  Two, the guy writes about as well as Dan Brown.  Which is not a compliment.  Three, the plot has more holes than swiss cheese.  And four–there are tons of better options around.  If you you need a European mystery series fix, may I recommend Andrea Camilleri?  Set in Sicily, its got pitch-perfect tone, great characters, and descriptions of food that have cost me a bundle at local restaurants.  Highly recommended.