The headline from The Stranger‘s feature story on Fleet Foxes tells the story:

Fleet Foxes Are Not Hippies
Don’t Let the Floppy Hats, Jesus Beards, and Five-Part Vocal Harmonies About Rivers, Trees, and Sunshine Throw You


Fleet FoxesThe first time I heard the band, they came up on shuffle and I thought it was the new album from My Morning Jacket. Singer Robin Pecknold’s keening tenor and the band’s reverb-soaked, haunting harmonies are eerily reminiscent of MMJ — not to mention Band of Horses.

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But MMJ and BOH are two of my all-time favorite bands, so that’s hardly a dig. You couldn’t pick two better bands to sound like! And of course all those bands trace their lineage in part to country-tinged ’70s artists like Crosby Stills & Nash and Gram Parsons. The band itself calls it “baroque harmonic pop.” Yummy.

Amazingly, given the depth and confidence of the music, Pecknold is only 21 years old, so expect to hear lots more about FF in coming years. The band’s been steadily building a devoted fan base here in Seattle through the strength of their live shows. Their Sun Giant EP got an 8.7 out of 10 in a Pitchfork review, which in hipster circles is akin to holy anointment. Anticipation is extremely high for the June 3 release of its eponymous full-length debut. I’ve heard it and I’m hear to tell you it’s righteous. It’s been growing on me for weeks.

This is the second track from the album: “White Winter Hymnal.” Enjoy.

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