Looks like there’s more to soy biodiesel than protecting the environment and energy independence — it’s also going to help keep down the homosexual population!

Yes, it seems that medical “evidence” has finally shown homosexuality is not genetic at all. It is, in fact, your momma’s fault for giving you soy-based formula.

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Let’s keep that “devil’s food” out of the mouths of babes and in our fuel tanks!

Seriously, though, soy products (that aren’t fermented) do contain high levels of phyto-estrogens, which are analogous to the female hormone estrogen. Studies are mixed as to the effects of soybeans’ chemicals and metabolites on infants, as well as on adults. But none of them point to a link between soy and homosexuality.

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If you’re leery of soy formula’s possible effects on babies (and want to give your baby the best start all around), stick to breastfeeding.