For you all SUV drivers who fear the “eco-terrorists” mentioned here, and must continue to drive said SUVs, there is some potentially good news: TerraPass decals.

In Washington, DC, eco-vandals smear SUV door handles with dog crap. In Santa Cruz, California, protestors tag more than 60 gas-guzzlers with anti-oil graffiti. In Los Angeles, a Caltech grad student is sentenced to eight years in prison for trashing more than 120 SUVs around the city. It’s almost enough to make you feel bad for SUV drivers. After all, some of them are green, too – just not as hardcore about it.

Now they have TerraPass, a clever eco-capitalism experiment. Launched by a group of Wharton Business School classmates, the startup sells a decal that drivers can slap on their windshields. The sticker price – $79.95 for SUVs, less for greener cars – gets invested in renewable energy projects and credits. The credits are traded through local brokers on the new Chicago Climate Exchange.

To purchase your decal, or to learn more, do not pass Go and head directly to the TerraPass website.

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(Via Wired)

[editor’s note, by Chris Schults] And to read Grist‘s piece on the aforementioned Chicago Climate Exchange go here.

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