Arachnophobes in Seattle, consider giving the Space Needle a wide berth for a little while. Science illustrator Marlin Peterson has adorned the roof of the Seattle Center Armory, visible from the Space Needle, with monstrously large photorealistic daddy long-legs (you know, those spindly spider-looking things most frequently seen trying to crawl into your bug juice at summer camp).

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From the ground, the arthropods’ bodies are as big as a human, though the angle of their shadows makes it clear they’re intended to be seen from above. Peterson, whose work was commissioned by the Washington State Artist Trust, originally wanted to do his mural on a wall, but there was nothing suitable for an epic-scale arachnid invasion. The roof presented more safety hazards — he had to paint in a full-body harness — but the result is wicked impressive.

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Unless you’re scared of spiders. In which case, the fact that a daddy long-legs is not TECHNICALLY a spider probably won’t make you feel any better.