Still image taken from video shows a giant squid near Ogasawara islands


The giant squid is maybe the most terrifying monster that actually exists. It definitely was the scariest thing in Disney World circa 1987, where it was beasting the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea submarine. But it’s not just some Disney creation — it’s real, even if we don’t catch a glimpse of it all that often. Now, though, a group of scientists has caught one of these behemoths on video. And we can all marvel at how fricking amazing (and did I mention terrifying?) it is.

The scientists who took the footage basically couldn’t believe what was happening, the Los Angeles Times reports:

“All of us were so amazed at what it looked like,” Edie Widder, a marine biologist who was part of the successful video making mission, told the Los Angeles Times. “It looked carved out of metal. And it would change from being silver to gold. It was just breathtaking.”…

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“It was shining and so beautiful,” Tsunemi Kubodera, a squid expert and researcher for Japan’s National Science Museum told AFP. “I was so thrilled when I saw it firsthand, but I was confident we would because we rigorously researched the areas we might find it, based on past data.”

The squid was apparently nine feet long and injured — he was missing his two longest tentacles. We’re pretty sure a giant shark ate them. And we’re going to have nightmares about it.

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