So far, the first-ever Grist fundraising drive has been an unprecedented success. (, the organization that’s making it possible to do fancy things like process your online credit card donations safely and securely, wants to know what the heck we’ve done to inspire such a love-in among our readers.) Donors have sent enthusiastic notes saying they’re happy to fork over some dough so long as we keep providing first-rate environmental news, the latest opportunities for activism, and features from the county’s best environmental writers — not to mention a daily dose of laughter. What with all the warm fuzzies, we’re finding that fundraising can be mighty fun. But we’d rather get our jollies doing what we do best — writing about the trials and (occasional) triumphs of Mama Earth. So if you haven’t given yet, please do. We run a tight ship here, but we need help from you to keep it afloat. It’s true what they say about every little bit counting, so please give whatever you can. Along with all that good Grist content, we promise fountains of gratitude in return.