Grist Has a (Slightly Self-Serving) Fix for Your Holiday Woes

Holiday gift giving got you down? Feeling oppressed by teeming malls, fake pine scent, and the pressure to buy, buy, buy? Put your mind at ease — Grist can show you the way out of this madness. Instead of giving your dad another tie, and your aunt more stationery, and your cousin a gory new Xbox game, sign ’em up for the 2003 Grist Grapefruit Challenge. No, this doesn’t involve shipping citrus across state lines. It simply involves donating to your favorite environmental magazine in the name of a friend or loved one who cares about Mama Earth. They’ll get a warm, green, fuzzy feeling, we’ll get the funding we need to hire an additional editor and keep pumping out top-notch environmental news, and you’ll get to feel virtuous about your gift-giving — all without having to go anywhere near a Wal-Mart. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your desk; you can give to Grist online with just a few clicks and a little tappity tap. So what are you waiting for?