In South Africa, flooding has swelled the Limpopo River, which has been bad for people and great for the 15,000 crocodiles who escaped from a crocodile farm to freeeeeeeeedom.

As the storm surged into the Rakwena Crocodile Farm, its owners opened the floodgates in order to save their land, the Guardian reports. And, as would anyone, all the crocs living there in captivity swam right the hell out of dodge, rather than waiting around to be turned into handbags and crocodile burgers.

According to the owners, a few thousand of the crocs have been recaptured, leaving only maybe 13,000 running around loose. Totally doable! (Apparently they don’t have very precise crocodile-counting technology — 15,000 is just an estimate of how many crocodiles live on the farm.)

The Guardian offers this helpful advice for the croc farm’s neighbors: “Animal safety experts warned the public to stay indoors and away from the crocodiles.” This is great advice that is also applicable to lots of other situations, like for instance the current cold temperatures on the East Coast. Stay indoors and away from crocodiles, everyone!

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