It was big news a few weeks ago when Google announced plans to put a solar voltaic system on its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. The system — the largest customer-owned system on a corporate building — will create 1.6 MW of electricity a year.

But according to a leaked company document, that was just a small part of a much more ambitious plan.

According to the Google Blogoscoped blog, Google plans to install a total of 10MW of green power, as part of an effort to eventually become carbon neutral.

That’s a BFD. But of course, 2006 is almost over and as far as I know, the company isn’t anywhere close to that. Maybe 10MW is the ultimate goal? How far out, though?

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Anybody out there — e.g., Google employees who want to send me internal documents and have their confidentiality strictly protected! — have any insight on this?

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