Atrios says:

On Wednesday an inconvenient truth was the #11 movie in the country despite being in only 4 theaters, earning $78,994 ($19,749/theater). The #10 movie was showing at 1,265 theaters, earning 117,000, or $92/theater.

Paul Krugman says that substantially reducing greenhouse-gas emissions would do little more than shave a few fractions of a point off our GDP growth, and Matt Yglesias approves.

Krugman also says that Gore’s re-emergence is a test of our character ($). "Are we — by which I mean both the public and the press — ready for political leaders who don’t pander, who are willing to talk about complicated issues and call for responsible policies?"

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Eric Boehlert says the national media, at least, is most definitely not ready, and seems geared up to pull the same crap on Gore they pulled on him in 2000.

MediaMatters fact checks Easterbrook’s ass. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Right-wing legacy hire Jonah Goldberg writes a hit piece on Gore, making much of the fact that he may have been off by a year or two about where he spent his childhood summer vacations. ThinkProgress responds: "This is a HUGE issue."

ThinkProgress also offers a more extensive rebuttal to the moronic Tech Central Station column that the righty blogs are treating as holy writ. They are nothing if not eager to believe anything that confirms their biases.

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The Rude Pundit takes a break from ranting and waxes rhapsodic about Gore’s appearance at NYC’s Town Hall. Arthur Smith offers an extensive summary of the appearance. Gore said:

There’s lots about politics I don’t like these days, in our sound-bite political culture. It works against the politics of ideas. It’s a toxic process. I don’t think my skills are well suited to this political climate. I want to do my best to make it possible for whoever is elected this year and in 2008 to start changing the picture.


Gore is like a figure in a Greek tragedy. He is allowed to see an extraordinary danger on the horizon, but his fatal flaw — an inability to convincingly fake the jocular, everyman charisma that is the coin of the realm in American politics — prevents him from averting it.

Just saying.