Notre Dame Stadium on Game Day

The Fighting Irish and the Orangemen grapple over gridiron green.

Photo: Ashley Braun

As a loyal Notre Dame alumna, I feel it’s my duty not only to rally behind my team on the football field, but also to rally behind their efforts at fighting climate change. Thanks to NBC Universal and their “Green is Universal” biz, the two become one. In anticipation of the ND vs. Syracuse game this past weekend, NBC offered up a whopping $10K to the university who rallies the most to cut carbon emissions by November 30 via

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Trash talk off the field.
Photo: Ashley Braun

And while my Irish couldn’t cut through the Syracuse defense on Saturday, it looks like they might get a little redemption in the environmental arena. Right now, Notre Dame leads the Orange on Carbonrally in such planet-defending maneuvers as installing programmable thermostats, reducing meat consumption, and composting. But it’s not just bragging rights at stake. The final carbon-cutting champs will be able to funnel their energy and their $10,000 in winnings toward sustainable initiatives on campus, taking the Carbonrally actions a step further.

Students, fans, and alum have till November 30 to green their actions and their teams and can even track their status with a neat-o Carbonrally widget. You can check out both schools’ current playbooks on greening here for Syracuse and here for Notre Dame. Even if you’re not all that into the fate of a football game, here’s hoping the fate of the planet is something you can get behind.