The third annual “Green Issue” of Vanity Fair has arrived:

Vanity Fair coverVanity, all is VanityAlthough Madonna graces the cover, the story inside makes no mention of greenness … including her “eco-song” and headlining gig last summer at Live Earth. Altogether an interesting choice for the “green issue,” though I applaud the absence of sweater belts.

The cover promises other stories of a greener hue, including:

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  • “A Letter to the Next President” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (perhaps an invitation to see his 3D IMAX film?)
  • “Monsanto’s Assault on Farmers” (pay attention, Philpott!)
  • “China’s Plan to Control the Weather” (um, old news, VF)
  • “Selling Out Polar Bears” (Knut overload?)

As has become custom this time o’ year, there are a number of other paper mags doing their best green impressions, too. Here are a few:

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Of course, when I say that these mags are putting out green issues, I’m referring only to content … and not necessarily to the actual dead-tree pages (of which there are many). Though, hopefully, with more green issues will come actual green practices.

Seen any other good green content? Leave word in comments.