Coming soon: Grist HTML emails with pictures and pretty colors

All right, all right, we get it. Text emails are sooo 1998. To get with the times, in April we will be launching a snazzy HTML version of our Grist emails — with pictures and pretty colors and everything! Of course, the emails will still contain the same hard-hitting news and gut-busting puns (sorry). For you minimalists who love text and do not want to receive HTML emails, please send an email message with the subject line “set * txt” (no quotes) to emailE=(‘sympa@’ + ‘’) document.write(‘‘ + emailE + ‘‘) . Be sure to send the message from the address under which you’re subscribed. And while we’re discussing ourselves: To keep growing bigger and bad-asser, we have decided to accept limited advertising in Grist. You’re going to love the tinkly music, flashing lights, and whack-a-monkey games that advertising will bring to our pages! (Ah, we kid. It will be tastefully done, we promise.) For more info on Grist‘s advertising policy, check out or fire off a missive to emailE=(‘advertising@’ + ‘’) document.write(‘‘ + emailE + ‘‘) .