Are you an early-career journalist, storyteller, or multimedia wizard who digs what we do? Then Grist wants you!

We are now accepting applications for the next class of the Grist Fellowship Program.

Once again we’re inviting writers, editors, and online journalists of every stripe to come work with us for six months. You get to hone your journalistic chops at a national news outlet and deepen your knowledge of environmental issues. We get to teach you and learn from you and bring your work to our public. You won’t get rich — but you will get paid.

You’ll work closely with our editors in Seattle, and with the program’s director, Andrew Simon, on reporting and executing stories for Grist. If your skills extend beyond the traditional skills of journalism into realms like data journalism, multimedia, and software development, fantastic. You don’t need superhuman powers, but you do need to be self-motivated, hard-working, and hungry to improve your skills. (And if you do have mutant superhuman powers, then for the love of X-Men and all of humankind please use them for good!)

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

For fellowships that begin in August 2014, please submit applications by April 25, 2014.

If our first class of excellent fellows is any indication, we can’t wait for the sequel.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.