Today is the 122nd anniversary of the act of Congress that established Yosemite National Park. We guess that’s the 100th anniversary (diamond), plus the 22nd anniversary (copper)? But that seems a little fishy — why is there even a gift for the 100th anniversary? Are they letting androids get married now? So we’re just going to declare it the Flickr anniversary and gift the park, and you, with a collection of really stunning Yosemite images.

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If still photos don’t satisfy your hunger for national parky goodness, you can also watch the video:

[vimeo 35396305]

Or the other video:

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

[vimeo 40802206]

Thanks, 122-years-ago Congress! Without you, there’d be one less place for us to be sad we weren’t there instead of working.