This Starbucks doesn’t want to be like other Starbuckses. It’s different. It’s cool. It dresses better. It listens to better music. It lives in Colorado. And it’s totally into locally sourced materials.

It’s LEED certified. That’s a type of green building certification? You’ve probably never heard of it.

It doesn’t have power outlets, because who works in a coffee shop anymore? Please. Co-working spaces are so much more conducive to creativity; conversations with cubicle neighbors can spark ideas you never knew you had. No one talks in a coffee shop.

It reuses snow fencing from Wyoming. It’s only 500 square feet — super energy-efficient. All of the materials come from with 500 miles. This is reclaimed lumber. Can’t you appreciate the craftsmanship?

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Pay no attention to the Shell gas station in the background. I mean, yes, you’ll probably need to stop there to fuel your car after you fuel your caffeine habit. You didn’t think you were coming into this Starbucks, did you? It’s a drive-through, walk-up, don’t-you-dare-sit-here, take-your-disposable-cup-and-go Starbucks. If you have to drive here three times a day, that’s fine. The building’s super green, but no one said anything about measuring the energy it takes to actually get there.

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