So I mentioned last week that mtvU and GE are teaming up on an ecomagination Challenge asking college students to come up with ideas for greening their campuses. Today, I found out about another partnership — this one between MTV proper (or rather, thinkMTV? So many MTVs, so little interest in figuring out which is which) and the Campus Climate Challenge kids.

The Break the Addiction Challenge gives students (both high school and college) three assignments aimed at promoting models of climate responsibility on campus. From the press release:

In the fall, MTV will reward five schools that have had garnered media coverage of their campus activities, to encourage students to publicize their solutions to global warming.

In the spring, MTV will recognize two schools for achieving a 100 percent clean energy policy.

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At the end of the year, MTV will recognize the schools that did the overall best job of organizing the Campus Climate Challenge — passing strong policies to reduce global warming pollution and educating the student body around global warming and solutions to this problem. All entries will be judged by a panel of esteemed judges.

Prizes — in addition to that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment and do-goodery — include $1,000 grants for continued work fighting climate change, $5,000 to throw an MTV Break the Addiction Party at your school, and up to $10,000 toward eco-renovation of your school’s student lounge or other hangout. You can also score a VIP trip for two to join Jay-Z in NYC for a special screening of Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life.

And speaking of the Jiggz, word is he’ll be on TRL tomorrow to announce the start of the Break the Addiction Challenge. So tune in to check it out, if you can deal with the high-pitched screaming of overenthused tweens. Otherwise, get the deets online and get to greenin’.

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