Just a quick post to point to Mother Jones13th annual roundup of campus activism. Highlights below the fold:

Student Activist of the Year
Well, actually, he’s a 24-year-old Yale dropout, but let’s ignore that. Billy Parish has helped make fighting global warming this year’s hot cause with his Energy Action Coalition, which united green campaigns on 270 campuses. The coalition is urging colleges to fight climate change by screening their portfolios, investing in energy-efficient transportation and buildings, and buying local food for dining halls. And on April 1, the group helped celebrate America’s coolest new holiday, Fossil Fools Day.

Thinking Outside the Box
There’s a Wal-Mart a few blocks away from Southern California’s Pitzer College, but in January, the student senate said it would no longer reimburse purchases made at the chain, and the administration has since encouraged students and staff to look for bargains elsewhere.

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