Apple CEO Steve Jobs says company is green, getting greener

Thrilling headline writers everywhere, computer-maker Apple has pledged to go greener. Green Apple! Ha ha hee hee ho ho! In an open letter on the company website, CEO Steve Jobs responded to criticism that the manufacturer has lagged in removing toxics from its products and recycling the gadgets when they die. According to the letter, the company is on track to shun arsenic in its screens, as well as PVC and brominated flame retardants in all of its products, by the end of 2008. It’s also aiming to recycle 19 million pounds of e-waste a year by 2010, up from 13 million pounds in 2006. Noting that “we have failed to communicate the things that we are doing well,” Jobs pledged to report back annually on the progress of his green initiatives. Representatives from Greenpeace, which had ranked the company dead last in a survey of 14 e-manufacturers, welcomed the news but said (of course) there’s more that can be done. The group wants to see Apple become “green to the core.” Ha ha hee hee ho ho.