Well, maybe we can temporarily relax our crotchety notion that we are overconsuming unthinking pigs and we’re going to murder ourselves with our own greed and complete lack of respect for the planet. Because very smart, resourceful, and caring high school students in India took it upon themselves to do something pretty amazing: They helped set up a plant that uses solar power to treat more than 1,300 gallons of brackish water every day. The water will be used by around 750 families living in poor areas around the school.

The students didn’t build the water-treatment plant — high schoolers are doing some amazing things these days, but that’s pretty advanced. But the plant is officially owned by the school, and will be maintained by students who have been trained in how it operates.

The plant will cost around $45,000 to set up, and will meet the World Health Organization standards for clean water.  This is the first solar-powered water plant in India, and the hope is that it can serve as a model to improve the lives of the millions of people in India who live without potable water. Does that make you feel weird about drinking bottled water because tap water tastes “funny”? WELL IT SHOULD. Oh, good, now we’re back to being crotchety again.

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