California Considers Innovative New Enviro Laws

Speaking of states picking up balls the feds are dropping: A pair of intriguing new eco-friendly bills are on the table in California. The first, recently approved by the state Senate, would mandate that an as-yet-undetermined percentage of new single-family homes built in developments of 25 homes or more be equipped with solar panels. Another bill just approved by the state Assembly and sent to the Senate would require that decals affixed to new cars show the amount of greenhouse gases the cars would produce, giving would-be buyers info on the relative eco-friendliness of various models. Yet another state-level initiative — which isn’t in California, but we shoehorned it in here anyway because we think it’s nifty — was proposed by Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D); it would institute a “green holiday” during which consumers could purchase energy-efficient products free of the state’s sales tax.