Go ahead and saddle up this robotic nightmare horse, ride it deep into the Uncanny Valley, and make yourself comfortable there. Because in the bleak, featureless wasteland of the future, these are probably the only animals we’ll see.

On the plus side, without obstacles like trees or streams or anything but barren desert, the future will be a perfect landscape to gallop through on your hell-horse. Perhaps you could have a nice trot with your buddies Famine, Plague, and War. 

Anyway, DARPA claims this thing, which is called the LS3, is for carrying military equipment or some shit, but please. They’re DARPA. They invented the internet; they know where this is going. And I guarantee they’re saddling and bridling their robot steeds for the imminent voyage to Thunderdome as we speak.

(Word to the wise: If you hate it so much you want to see it fall down, fast-forward to about 2:10.)

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