Photo by Stephen Repasky.

Oh, bees. We’ve taken you into our homes (unwillingly) and our urban farms (on purpose), and this is how you repay us — by trying to destroy the miracle of air travel? You just couldn’t stand that we could fly higher than you, so you had to hang off the wing of a Delta plane trying to fly out of Pittsburgh, forcing the crew to delay departure. You took advantage of the fact that you’re a protected species and it’s illegal to kill you, and instead made the airport call in a master beekeeper to remove you. A master beekeeper! Like you’re such special snowflakes. Bees, this is not a good look on you.

I guess there are more charitable explanations available here, too. Maybe the bees fell in love with the plane and couldn’t stand for it to leave. Maybe they knew (through beeSP!) that there would be a crash if the plane took off as scheduled. Or maybe it’s just those 500,000 missing bees trying to go on vacation.

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