Photo by Heritage Auctions.

Haven’t you always wanted to own a piece of the moon that you could do whatever you wanted with — write your name on it, claim it in the name of Spain, tape it together with other space rocks to build a less fucked-up planet, etc.? Well, for only $170,000, plus a $36,500 “buyer’s premium,” you have a crack at owning the fourth-largest moon rock ever put up for sale. Keep your finger on the “bid” button, though, because they’re expecting it to sell for more than $380,000.

The four-pound chunk of lunar material isn’t one of the ones that was brought back by astronauts — those suckers can’t be had at any price. Instead, it was expelled from the moon’s surface and fell to Earth as a meteorite. It’s now been split into halves, each about the size of a medium-length paperback, for display purposes because the auctioneers assume it will be bought by a museum. Prove those suckers wrong! This is just the capstone your new tape-ball Earth has been needing!

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