As we speak, Sen. James Inhofe is on the floor of the Senate making a “major speech” called “Hot & Cold Media Spin: A Challenge To Journalists Who Cover Global Warming.” The full transcript is not yet available, but you can see a press release with excerpts.

Or you can watch it live here.

At least at the moment, he’s spouting the “it’s not a problem but even if it were Kyoto wouldn’t do anything because it’s too weak” argument that I still fail to understand. If it’s too weak, do something stronger. No?

More later.

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Update: Now it’s the “restricting dirty-energy development in the developing world would keep them poor forever” argument.

Update: Now he’s citing Bjorn Lomborg, with whom he recently canoodled.

Update: Now he’s saying global warming activism is cover for an insidious quest for global governance.

Update: Now it’s the “technology is the answer, especially nukes” argument.

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Update: Now it’s the “scientists used to predict global cooling” argument. More on that here. In short: no they didn’t.

Update: Ooh, now a cheap shot at Gore, saying he’s just using global warming to get in the White House. Yeah, that makes sense.

Update: I’ve counted about 50 uses of the words “alarmist” and “hysteric” so far.

Update: Apparently James Hansen, legendary climate scientist, is nothing but a “political activist.”

Update: Now he’s attacking NYT’s Andy Revkin for writing a children’s book.

Update: “Balance” is slowly catching up to “alarmism” and “hysteria.”

Update: Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is one of the “sickest scientific propaganda films” ever. Sick! He’s quoting Richard Lindzen about the movie. For “balance,” you know.

Now it’s a droning recitation of alleged errors in Gore’s film — all of which have been debunked ad nauseum. Wonder if his fellow senators know that, though.

All right, I gotta go to a meeting. All I’ll say is, debunking all the bullshit in this speech would require a long, long, long time. I’ll be back later with the transcript.