I was reading the April 10th edition of The New Yorker this morning (for the cartoons, I’ll admit). As I was flipping through the pages searching for the next illustration, I came across this full page ad that featured a message that caught me completely off guard.

The smaller text reads as follows:

Environmental scares about trace amounts of mercury in fish rely on a study of island natives who eat huge amounts of whale meat. However, scientists who study heavy fish-eaters find no health risks from mercury. So unless you’re lunching on a Moby Dick sandwich, there’s no reason to worry.

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Fish is good for you. Baseless anxiety (or whale blubber) isn’t.

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No health risks from mercury? No reason to worry? Now, I don’t eat fish, so I haven’t researched this issue myself, but something fishy seems to be going on here.

Head on over to FishScam.com to get the background on this campaign. I’d be interested to read what y’all think of this.